The CFPSS promotes the study and understanding of psychical and spiritual experience within a Christian context.  Founded in 1953 by a group of clergy and lay people on an ecumenical basis, the CFPSS continues to serve both churches and its individual members, who come from diverse backgrounds.


Over the years, hundreds of individuals have sought out the community of the Fellowship at significant points in their lives, when they may have experienced spontaneous gifts of the Spirit, the pain of bereavement or simply a vocation to a spiritual life through psychic encounter.


Individuals bring their own gifts to the CFPSS community, including psychic abilities, spiritual experiences, deliverance training, healing, and discernment.


The Fellowship takes a positive view of all of these experiences and capabilities, which many people encounter quite naturally during their lives.  The diversity of the membership in this regard is one of the CFPSS’s great strengths.  There is a gentle call on members to relate these experiences and abilities to a fuller Christian life in which the psychic may find consecration.


As the Fellowship is a Christian fellowship, membership is open to those who satisfy the Council that they are members of a recognised Christian denomination, or are sympathetic to the Christian faith and willing to accept this pre-eminent ethos of the Fellowship.


The CFPSS operates at a local, Regional and national level.  The community provides opportunities to share and study at residential and one-day conferences, as well as at group and branch meetings.  There is also a growing range of online events, including conferences, half-day seminars, a WhatsApp group, and a Facebook page.


Members receive The Christian Parapsychologist twice a year and the Fellowship Review twice a year.  The Fellowship has an extensive library of printed, audio and electronic media available to members.  A full catalogue is available on our website.