From our Patrons


It is a pleasure to commend CFPSS to anybody and everybody. Part of living fully, is the desire to explore the borderline between the 'now' and the 'other'. The 'other' that continually breaks through into the 'now'. CFPSS has for many years bravely and sensitively studied that reversible breakthrough which many of us would also say is wonderfully realised in the Communion of Saints. I may not always completely agree with the articles in the magazines, but I am always stimulated by them and they give a greater realisation of that interplay between those two worlds whose realities are different but equally definite. CFPSS will give you food for thought for the here and the hereafter and do it in an exciting way.

 - Bishop Michael Ball

I came across the CFPSS when I was exploring the interface of paranormal phenomena and Christianity for a strand of my Starbridge novels and I was immediately impressed by the Fellowship's emphasis on reason, scholarship and the importance of ongoing scientific research in this field. Viewing the paranormal through this scrupulously honest Christian lens not only illuminated certain realms of religious experience for me but confirmed my belief that science and religion are different aspects of a multisided truth. CFPSS is not for the nutty fringe; it is for the truth-seekers who possess open minds and intellectual integrity.


- Susan Howatch, Author