The CFPSS has a rich history of hosting conferences with speakers from many different disciplines on a wide variety of topics within its sphere of influence. The lectures from these conferences have been recorded, first on reel-to-reel, then on cassette and latterly on CD.


For the first time we are now able to make some of these recordings available as digital downloads. The resources here are available to download and share freely - more will be added so do keep checking back.

You can find our complete collection to purchase in our store. 

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1977 Christianity and Psychic Israel n.d

Christianity and the Psychic

2011 Psychology Christian Straughan n.d.

How Can Parapsychology be Christian?

Jesus and the Paranormal.png

Jesus and the Paranormal

1984 Transfiguration Perry n.d..png

Parapsychology and the Transfiguration

Healing Paradox Shaw.png

Healing and the Mystery of Paradox

Christianity and the Psychic
How Can Parapsychology Be Christian?
Jesus and the Paranormal
Parapsychology and the Transfiguration
Healing and the Mystery of ParadoxParadox
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