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Rt Rev Martin Shaw

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Martin Shaw is an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Exeter, having retired from being the Bishop of Argyll and The Isles. Ordained in Glasgow, he became Richard Holloway’s curate in Edinburgh. Martin has served at Kings College Cambridge both as Chaplain and Acting Dean.  After All Saints Margaret Street in London, he came to Exeter Cathedral as Succentor, becoming Diocesan Missioner Recently, he served as Acting Precentor of the Cathedral, having been Bishop’s Advisor in Spirituality in the Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich and Precentor of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Martin is a member of the Churches Fellowship of Psychic and Spiritual Studies, which studies the integration of the spiritual life with psychological and psychic experiences. Music, reading, walking, silence and conversation are key ways Martin finds challenge and sustenance. He has also experience as a singer. And he loves the movies....!

Dr Mark Fox

A Sacred 'Something':
Spiritual Awareness Within the Great Outdoors.

The roots of Christian Mysticism and the Psychic

Dr. Mark Fox is a freelance researcher, writer, and speaker. The inspiration for this talk arose out of his existing research interests within the archives of the Religious Experience Research Centre, from which he drew extensively for his books Lightforms and The Fifth Love. His most recent book, Cold Inn, explores spiritual and paranormal experiences within a fictional context. He can be found at www.markfox.co.uk.

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Matt Arnold

Finding Inspiration in Blumhardt’s Awakening

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Matt Arnold is the editor of The Christian Parapsychologist journal, and a member of the CFPSS and the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP). He is also designer and researcher / writer for the website www.GhostsGhoulsAndGod.co.uk, a project born out of his award winning masters dissertation on the paranormal and deliverance ministry. 

Dr Santha Bhattacharji

Inspiration and the Medieval Mystics:
What comes from God and what comes from the mystic?

Dr Bhattacharji has recently retired from teaching Old and Middle English at several colleges of Oxford University, and now lives in North Wales. For the last fifteen years of her time at Oxford, she was Senior Tutor of St. Benet’s Hall, which is run by Benedictine monks. Half-Indian and half-Welsh, she received a French education in London, before taking her BA at Oxford and her PhD at Bristol. A former nun in an Anglican contemplative community, she now speaks and writes regularly on the medieval English mystics and has published a book about the fifteenth-century visionary, Margery Kempe. Santha was elected President of the CFPSS in 2015.


Johann Blumhardt’s paranormal encounter with parishioner Gottliebin Dittus was one of his strangest and most challenging experiences. His perseverance and willingness to follow the Spirit’s guidance, despite his tradition’s teaching, led to a spiritual awakening in his region. His story also provides insights and inspiration to revisit our own understanding of certain paranormal encounters of Jesus, recorded in Scripture.