On 20 November 1936, Archbishop Lang invited thirteen prominent Anglican, under the chairmanship of Francis Underhill, then Dean of Rochester but the next year to become Bishop of Bath and Wells, to form a committee to 'investigate the subject of communications with discarnate spirits and the claims of Spiritualism in relation to the Christian faith.' Three of the thirteen declined, one withdrew from the committee after the first meeting. The other nine, with Bishop Underhill, presented their report to Lang in 1939. It was printed and privately circulated to the bishops, but with the classification 'private and confidential'.


When forty years had passed, the then Archbishop of Canterbuty allowed the full text to be published in The Christian Parapsychologist, a journal published by the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. This reprint is augmented by Chancellor Garth Moore's assessment which appeared in the same issue, and by later reports from that periodical about the origin and fate of that report.