About our Speakers

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Martin Shaw

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich and Precentor of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Martin is a member and patron of the Churches Fellowship of Psychic and Spiritual Studies, which studies the integration of the spiritual life with psychological and psychic experiences. Music, reading, walking, silence and conversation are key ways Martin finds challenge and sustenance. He has also experience as a singer. And he loves the movies....!

is an assistant bishop in the Diocese of Exeter, having retired from being the Bishop of Argyll and The Isles. Ordained in Glasgow, he became Richard Holloway’s curate in Edinburgh. Martin has served at Kings College Cambridge both as Chaplain and Acting Dean. After All Saints Margaret Street in London, he came to Exeter Cathedral as Succentor, becoming Diocesan Missioner. Recently, he served as Acting Precentor of the Cathedral, having been Bishop’s Advisor in Spirituality in the Diocese of

Rhoda Martin

psychologist, musician, poet, Scottish, daughter of the manse (Baptist), ex-Moonie, former Diocesan Community Worker and member of the Royal Society of Statisticians, author, used in healing and deliverance ministry, oblate of an Anglican contemplative community, Associate Member of the Iona Community, mystic. 

Neil Broadbent

read chemistry at York and theology and pastoral studies at Birmingham University. He was ordained an Anglican priest thirty-nine years ago and joined the CFPSS in 1981. He has worked in inner-city poverty, in counselling, in prison and with many psychiatrists, including

Ellen Davis

To support her academic interests, she is a freelance content marketing writer for software companies and consultancies. Her professional details can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ellenldavis/ . Originally from the US, she has lived in the UK since 2001 and resides in Taplow.

is studying for a PhD in Theology at Kings College, London. Her dissertation is focusing on Dante and Julian of Norwich, in theological conversation with attachment theory and trauma theory. She completed an MA in Christianity and the Arts in August 2020, with a dissertation on Julian’s Motherhood of God theology. She is also currently editor of the Fellowship Review

Having worked in hospitals, a museum and a cathedral, 

full-time with Dr Kenneth McAll. Interested in how spiritual growth occurs, and the role of the psychic within it, he has worked in the healing ministry for thirty-three years and for the past twenty-eight years has worked in Sozein-A Churches’ Ministry of Healing Trust, who run quiet days and listen to folk’s struggles.  He loves the mystics and acts as a spiritual companion. He helped Martin Israel author three books. He is a qualified homeopath and is trying to learn the intricacies of digital photography. 

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