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Trustee Eligibility

Please complete this form to confirm your eligibility to serve as a trustee of the CFPSS.

Trustee eligibility and responsibility


By completing and signing this form, you declare that you:

• are willing to act as a trustee of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies

• understand your organisation’s purposes (objects) and rules set out in its governing document


• are not prevented from acting as a trustee because you:

• have an unspent conviction for one or more of the offences listed here


• have an IVA, debt relief order and/or a bankruptcy order


• have been removed as a trustee in England, Scotland or Wales (by the Charity Commission or Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator)


• have been removed from being in the management or control of any body in Scotland (under relevant legislation)


• have been disqualified by the Charity Commission


• are a disqualified company director


• are a designated person for the purposes of antiterrorism legislation


• are on the sex offenders register


• have been found in contempt of court for making (or causing to be made) a false statement


• have been found guilty of disobedience to an order or direction of the Charity Commission

Trustee Declaration

Please enter with no spaces.

Use your mouse to sign in the white box. For mobile devices, sign on-screen.

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