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The library at Head Office is for the use of all members, operated on a postal basis. Books, booklets, audio tapes and CDs are available to all members for borrowing.

Why join us?

To join us, please click below.

Alternatively, please contact our office on 01623 812206, 

or email gensec@churchesfellowship.co.uk

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Do you wish to explore and share the spiritual dimensions of such experiences?

Have you ever had a vivid impression of

someone who has died?

Do you ever 'know' what others are thinking?

Have you ever felt the presence of God?

Have you ever had premonitions that came true?

The Churches Fellowship exists to help you make sense of these experiences.

Inasmuch as the CFPSS is a Christian Fellowship, membership is open to anyone who satisfies the Council that they are a member of a recognised Christian denomination, or are sympathetic to the Christian faith and willing to accept this preeminent ethos of the Fellowship.

The CFPSS operates at a local, regional, national and international level. We provide fellowship and opportunities to share and study at residential, one-day and online conferences, as well as group meetings, both face-to-face and online.

The Fellowship publishes two journals, The Christian Parapsychologist and the Fellowship Review, which are sent free to all our members.