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Dedicated to the Christian study and support of life beyond death,
healing, religious experience and more.

The Churches Fellowship for
Psychical and Spiritual Studies

Who Are the CFPSS?

Many people have come to value the guidance of the Fellowship when they have experienced spontaneous gifts of the Spirit, the pain of bereavement or simply a call to deeper spiritual understanding. The Fellowship offers a safe meeting place where members and enquirers may share and explore these experiences in an open atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Our studies include healing ministry, religious experience, paranormal phenomena, mysticism and prayer to name but a few. We aim to help those who may have encountered an event which was outside their understanding or who may have received a 'gift of the Spirit' but found little encouragement or support when seeking a way forward.

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The Churches Fellowship for

Psychical and Spiritual Studies

Office 8, The Creative Suite

Mill 3, Pleasley Vale Business Park



NG19 8RL

Tel: 01623 812206


Charity Number: 233778


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Psychical and Spiritual: Separate or Distinct?

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