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The Christian Parapsychologist 

The Christian Parapsychologist was inaugurated in 1975 to complement its members' journal, The Fellowship Review, by CFPSS Council members Leslie Price (the Editor) and David Ellis who were also active members of the SPR and well known for their work in psychical research. Their aim was to keep in touch with studies of psychic phenomena and assess them from a Christian viewpoint, looking for significance to the faith.

Over 45 years later, through the hard work and dedication of Leslie and subsequent editors, Rev. Michael Perry, Dr Robert Gilbert and now Matt Arnold, and contributions from both within the membership and outside experts in the field of parapsychology, the aims of the CP have not changed.

The Christian Parapsychologist is a publication of The Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies. It aims to provide a biblical, Christian perspective on psychical and spiritual studies within parapsychology and the paranormal, as well as interfacing with the scientific elements of these fields.

Matt Arnold
Editor, The Christian Parapsychologist
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