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Near-Death Experiences

A series of articles on near death phenomena

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Near Death Experiences, God and Love

Does experiencing near death phenomena reveal God?

“Experiencers were convinced that there is a God, the Light, or by whatever name they called him.”

What ongoing effects do NDEs have on the lives of those who have experienced them? Crawford Knox looks into these phenomena and how they spiritually transform those who have undergone such.

About the author

Dr Crawford Knox is a retired civil servant and author (amongst other books) of Changing Christian Paradigms and their Implications for Modern Thought (1993).


Does the Bible negate the possibility of near death experiences?

Are NDEs simply the workings of the brain at the point of death; experienced according to the world view and predilections of the individual?

Are there commonalities in NDEs across all cultures that might give us a glimpse of the life to come?

What about Christ’s atonement?

David Christie-Murray offers his answers

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The Bereaved and the Dead

The term Near Death Experience is usually reserved for those occasions when the experiencer comes back from the brink of death. However, there are occasions where phenomena are reported or witnessed when someone passes on.

Dr Dewi Rees explores some of the stories he has heard, and experienced himself.

About the author

Dr Dewi Rees has been a GP in mid-Wales, Medical Director of St Mary's Hospice, and an Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at Birmingham University. His MD degree was awarded for studies in bereavement. He is a former member of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales and of the Coventry Diocesan Synod.


Although the study of near death phenomena is relatively new, accounts of them span all cultures and all times. In this article, Ivan Herbison explores a miracle recounted by Bede in his Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum. Is this an account of a near death experience?


A Tricky Threshold and a New Paradigm

Where Next for Near-Death Experiences?

by Mark Fox

Photo by James Kemp on Unsplash


‘To Faith Add Knowledge’ is the motto of the CFPSS. Our studies are often theological, sometimes anthropological, sometimes psychological. But they are also often scientific. We believe that to get to the truth of a matter, every area needs to be looked at.

In today’s article, Dr Mark Fox does just that. Holding NDEs under the scientific spotlight, he dons his researcher’s hat to analyse tricky areas of the subject and asks questions that need answering. Is there veridical evidence for NDEs as the journey to life beyond death?

About the author

Mark is a freelance researcher, writer, and speaker. His research stems from interests within the archives of the Religious Experience Research Centre, from which he drew extensively for his books Lightforms and The Fifth Love. His most recent book, Cold Inn, explores spiritual and paranormal experiences within a fictional context. He can be found at

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