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This is the story of a resource point in the City of London - an oasis of peace, behind thick walls in the church of St Mary Woolnoth - to practise relaxation and meditation, to turn 'distress' into 'eu-stress' and to halt the rate of heart disease among City workers. But it became so much more than that. City workers began to find a more satisfying approach to life in which they discovered, to their surprise, that they could trust their bodies, believe in themselves, and find 'a faith that works'.


The Greeks said 'Know thyself'; 'to become what I am' (to discover my potential) is a good way of putting it. We do not look for God up there but in here. That has always been the way of spiritual wisdom. As many members of the church have remarked at different times, 'there is far more in Christianity than we have yet got out of it'.


Lying down in church is an unusual approach to religion, but it proves to be very rewarding indeed.


Geoffrey Harding was for many years Vicar of that church. He won an MC in WWII and knows a bit about 'Stress'. The latter part of his ministry there was spent in helping people in the city to cope with stress - and relax. What he writes can help all those who sometimes feel "it's too much".

Lying Down in Church - G.C. Harding

  • Churchman Publishing, Worthing


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