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Death and bereavement are part of the universal experience, as old as time, as multitudinous as the myriad grains of sand on all the beaches of all the oceans of the world, and yet as unique to the individual is that individual is also unique. Between those who have died and the bereaved a web of relationships exists; yes again each strand is in itself unique and that unique relationship has to be dealt with before the bereavement can be lived through successfully and be made part of the wholeness of the survivor. 


This booklet seeks to provide some insight into an aspect of the bereavement relationship which is not properly dealt with in many of the other studies available. We offer personal testimonies from those who, without going through a near-death experience themselves, have yet been shown a glimpse of the continuing essential life of the individual human spirit across the borders between the so-called living and the so-called dead.

About Bereavement

  • Barbara Bunce and Beryl Statham

  • CFPSS, 1983

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