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Death is the end of mortal life. It is not merely its termination, but also its final purpose. It forms the summing-up of a lifetime's experience and it leads the way to the soul's further advancement in realms of higher endeavour. Such, at any rate, is the religious view of death, which sees, albeit with the eye of faith, a succession of survival and growth in the uncharted realms of the after-life.


This booklet attempts to present an account of the process of dying from its inception during the peak of life to its close with the dissolution of the body and the experience of bereavement. It assembles such evidence as points to survival of that immaterial principle which is called the soul, or true self. In all, it is the hope of Rev. Dr. Martin Israel that this awe-inspiring topic, too often painfully ignored in worldly conversation, may be a source of genuine rejoicing when its full implications are studied dispassionately and with knowledge.

About Death

  • Martin Israel

  • CFPSS, 2000

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