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On the 6th November 1957, the Britannia airliner GABCA crashed on a test flight, killing all fifteen men on board. For Beryl Statham, wife of the pilot, Hugh, the tragedy of the crash brought her old life to an end - and to a new beginning. Angels in Dark Places tells the story of the strange but wonderful experiences that came to her, and to those around herm unsought, unexpected and always within the framework of her Christian commitment: experiences that enabled her not only to adjust to her grief byt to enrich the spiritual lives of others. In the words of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies, "knowlwdge was added to faith" and, at the same time, faith in the living Christ deepened and was enriched as her experiences increased her knowledge.

Angels in Dark Places - Beryl Statham

  • Churchman Publshing in association with CFPSS, 1990

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