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Recorded from our Spring Conference 2022 - The Dark Night of the Soul


Rev Sammy Horner - Exorcism: Fresh Thoughts for an Ancient Contagion

Nothing turns heads (pun intended) more than the subject of exorcism. Hollywood has a lot to answer for, but is it all projectile vomiting pea soup and floating above the duvet, or is there more to it? A fast study on the vast subject of the 'extraordinary works of darkness' looking at some theology, some science, some history, and even a little anthropology.


Rev Maria Shepherdson - Wounded Healers – St John of the Cross and St Therese of Lisieux: Surrender, Suffering and Transformation

Born centuries apart, two souls encountered and fell in love with a God who was immersed with them in the Dark Night of the Soul – but what is it exactly? And how does it differ from depression or sadness brought on by the vicissitudes of life? Through close examination of their stories, and that of Teresa of Avila and her influence on both across the divide of time, culture, class and race, we look at what we might learn of sufferings, surrender and transformation.


Andrew Cort - Union and Isolation

This presentation will explore, at a very summarised level, some of the mystical teachings of the Anglo/Catholic Mystic, Evelyn Underhill. It will particularly focus on the profound impact of a deep Mystical/Spiritual experience that can lead to the equally profound spiritual isolation, the so-called 'dark night of the soul'.

      This brief exploration will consider some of the key elements of Evelyn's seminal work, Mysticism. A comparison is drawn from contemporary studies and Andrew's personal experiences and journey during his life.


Rev David Grieve - Hello Darkness My Old Friend

A personal reflection on experience of the Dark Night of the Soul as it relates to lifelong, treatment resistant Depression, illustrated by some of David's poems.

The Dark Night of the Soul - Full Conference (DVD)

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