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The intermediate dimension is the mode of psychic communication; it lies between the rational modes associated with the body and intellect on the one hand and the Spirit of God on the other. The word psychic unfortunately conjures up misleading images in the minds of many people: to the Orthodox Christian believer it is often equated with a demonic, while the man in the street associates it only with paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, seances and communication with the dead. Neither of these views is completely wrong, but each concerns itself with only a fringe, often highly suspect and sometimes very undesirable, of the psychic field. 

The psychic field is, in fact, an integral part of our normal communication with each other, more basic than the intellect and closely related to the emotions. When it is seen in this light, the psychic dimension can be relieved of much of its 'occult' associations; then it's essentially normal nature can be more easily understood.

The Intermediate Dimension

  • Martin Israel


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