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Exorcism - Fresh thoughts (and some old ones) for an ancient contagion

Rev Sammy Horner

Exorcism - Fresh thoughts (and some old ones) for an ancient contagion

Nothing turns heads, (pun intended) more than the subject of exorcism. Hollywood has a lot to answer for, but is it all projectile vomiting pea soup and floating above the duvet or is there more to it? A fast study on the vast subject of the ‘extraordinary works of darkness’ looking at some theology, some science, some history and even a little anthropology …in sixty minutes.

About Sammy...

Sammy Horner, born in Belfast, was the founding member of Celtic Rock combo The Electrics. He made seven albums with the band and toured extensively in Europe and the USA. As well as touring The Electrics, Sammy has had a successful solo career as a producer, writer and performer. He has played shows around Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Thailand and South Africa. He also hosted the ‘Celtic Rock Show on Celtic Music radio, Scotland for several years and has written for music and theological journals in the UK, Europe and USA, added chapters to collaborative works and written children’s educational book, a children’s Celtic adventure story and a biography of the life of John Smith. With over forty albums in his body of work, he has received critically acclaim the world over. He has produced other artists in both Europe and the USA, also played bass for Buddy & Julie Milller, Phil Madeira, Mitch McVicker and Glen Kaiser. He has shared stages with Motorhead, Cliff Richard, The Alarm, Therapy?, Bob Geldof, Bruce Cockburn & Martin Joseph, and had songs covered by numerous artists including Buddy & Julie Miller.

He is also an ordained minister and was called to work as a Bard, (in the Celtic Tradition) amongst artists. He was ordained in the Wesleyan Tradition at St. Martin’s Church, Melbourne, Australia although he has worked as a Brethren pastor, a Baptist pastor and with inner city Pentecostal churches in Glasgow, Scotland. He holds a BA Hon. In Theology, a PGCE in Religious education and a MSc. in Education. He has also pastored churches in Scotland and Canada and studied at the Vatican University on the Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation course and was a part of the Burning Bush Team in Buffalo New York for two years, working closely with the diocesan exorcist for that area.

He lives in Wexford Ireland with his wife Kylie, and has two children and two grandchildren.

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