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Union & Isolation

Andrew Cort

Union & Isolation

This presentation will explore, at a very summarized level, some of the mystical teachings of the Anglo / Catholic Mystic, Evelyn Underhill. It will particularly focus on the profound impact of deep Mystical / Spiritual experience that can lead to the equally profound spiritual isolation, the so called “Dark night of the soul”.

This brief exploration will consider some of the key elements of Evelyn’s seminal work Mysticism. A comparison is drawn from contemporary studies and the presenter’s personal experiences and journey during his life.

About Andrew...

Andrew is a retired businessman and professional engineer. From a very early age he has had numerous spiritual and extraordinary experiences. He was originally brought up as an Anglo / Catholic and was confirmed into the Anglican and Methodist churches when he was 16. In his late 40s and early 50s his experiences became much more numerous and intense to the point where he took early retirement and dedicated his life to being of service to others, through charity work; becoming a Spiritual Healer, and furthering his knowledge through studying for a Master's degree in Contemporary Theology at St Andrews University. Today he would describe himself as an unorthodox Christian. Andrew is a member of the Churches Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies.

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